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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sickle cell Disease: What you Should Know

 History of Sickle Cell
Sickle Cell disease (SCD) has been around for more than 200 years.  The first written documentation of this disease was in the year 1910 by a physician in the state of Chicago named James B. Herrick. He noticed that a patient from the West Indies was suffering from an anemia in which the red blood cells were sickle shaped.  By the year 1927, it was discovered that there was a relationship between the lack of oxygen and the unusual shape of the red blood cells. When the red blood cells become sickle shaped the end result is blood flow and oxygen blockage to various parts of the body.

Sickle cell and society
Sickle cell is erroneously considered a rare genetic blood disease.  Current statistics state that one in every five hundred African American has Sickle Cell Disease and one in every one thousand Hispanic as well as Hispanic American. Since we have started this foundation, we have found that one in every five persons we meet on a daily basis; either has sc, has family with sc, or knows someone who suffers from the disease. The disease seems to be widely misunderstood by people living with the disease, carriers of the sickle cell trait as well as some medical professionals. Sickle cell patients suffer as a result of the lack of effort to learn about and understand the disease to the extent that the proper treatment can be administered during a crisis. It is important for every one to get tested for the SC trait, especially if you plan to have a child.

How Sickle cell affects the body
The root cause of sickle cell stems from the inability of the hemoglobin (the oxygen transport molecule), to transfer oxygen to the red blood cells. SCD is caused by a single letter change in the DNA from "A" to "T".  Due to the lack of oxygen, the sickle (elongated) cells get stuck in small blood vessels. This leads to excruciating pain usually described as a pain crisis.  Other symptoms include difficulty breathing, low blood count, weakness, strokes, ulcers, fatigue, dehydration, yellow eyes, pale skin, dizziness, delayed development, priapism, poor eyesight, lung and organ complications and in some cases death.  The life expectancy for people living with the disease is 40 years and most sickle cell patients die before the age of 25.

History of nutrition
"God created man to be natural farmers, we plant seeds then reap the benefits, the nutrition needed God has provided to us in nature. These seeds of the earth, hold the answers to healthy living" TJ Brown.  Nutrition is derived from the word nourishment and we mistakenly eat anything we desire and think that we are nourishing our bodies.  The Wikipedia describes nutrition as the provision, to cells and organisms, of the materials necessary (in the form of food) to support life. It further states that many common health problems can be prevented or alleviated with a healthy diet. History points to the fact that our ancestors who did not consume foods that were processed, synthetic or preserved had less health complications and lived longer more full lives than today’s generation. In 1928, the late Max Gersson MD successfully cured cancer in patients whom doctors told they were going to die. He placed them on an all natural vegetarian diet and tested the soil in which the foods were produced to ensure that there were no sprays or artificial fertilizers used. The soil had to be as normal as possible to avoid toxins from the soil being consumed in the food, which he discovered would cause people to get sick.

How nutrition is used to help with sickle cell
As we have discovered, illnesses can be treated with proper nutrition. In order to understand the proper diet and nutrition for any disease, it is important for one to understand the root cause of the disease.  Most of the symptoms associated with sickle cell disease are connected to the body not getting enough oxygen. Normal persons blood cells lasts 100 to 120 days, persons with sickle cell disease blood cells lasts an average of 10 to 12 days.  Proper hydration is the number one thing to consider when providing the body with oxygen.  Pure water and healthy minerals without artificial enhancement is vital to persons living with sickle cell disease.

Studies have shown that nutrients like citrulline are beneficial to cell health life span, and oxygen level. Another vital compound in sickle cell disease is nitric oxide which is a natural gas found in the body that helps in the production of oxygenized cells.  Nuts and beans are food rich in natural oils, protein, and nitric oxide. African Yam, Yellow Yam, White Yam, and Cassava, contain complex carbohydrates and Thiocyanate, these nutrients work with the body to create healthier longer living cells that don't sickle. Thiocyanate has been described as an anti-sickling agent. It is also very important for people with SCD to eat foods rich in antioxidants since they typically have a very low immune system. Antioxidants fight free radicals and support a healthy immune system. As a result of sickle cell disease the immune system is low; therefore they are more likely to catch infections and viruses.

Reaching out to help others with sickle cell disease
I have always wanted to help others. I discovered the benefits of proper nutrition and my health has changed for the best. Two years ago, I was always sick and hospitalized more than 12 times in a year. On average that was literally every month. I am happy to say that the number of hospital visits has drastically decreased and my health has never been better. Due to my success I founded Sickle Cell Natural Wellness Group Inc. I wanted to share my knowledge and experience to help those sick and suffering like I once did. I find it very fulfilling, when I am communicating with people living with SCD and assisting them to live a healthier lifestyle and become healthy. I communicate with the SCD community every day, the thanks and appreciation I get from families with sickle cell is more than an accomplishment. It's encouragement for me to keep working to heighten sickle cell awareness and change the way the disease is handled and viewed by the world.

Written by:  

T.J Brown
Sickle Cell Natural Wellness Group Inc.

For more information or private consultation with health and nutrition advice contact:

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